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David Walters dwalters at
Tue Dec 10 10:56:21 MST 2002

The tie in between global warming and catastrophic ocean boiling (no one
proposes the oceans boiling, they propose average mean temperatures of 50
C., enough to off the world of most life) is the layer of frozen/slushed
methane gas under the Antarctic. Vast quantities of this stuff exists there
(it exists in most places, and is another possible sources of FREE energy,
engineering requirements aside...) and than it's highly concentrated under
the Southern ice cap. The only thing keeping it from escaping is the ice
itself. If it does escape, there  is enough of it there to pollute the
entire atmosphere and heat up the world theory.

Another theory, since we're on to theories, is that global warming will
cause an ice age. In fact, some scientists suspect that the 'warming-iceage'
twins work quite well together. Others on this list have talked about the
artic losing it's ice. The problem is that if the levels of the ocean rise
high enough, the relatively colder water slips down under the now higher
warmer water in the North Sea into the Atlantic, causing the Gulf Stream to
go bye-bye...and a global ice age is initiated in Scandinavia, which spreads
along the whole of the northern Hemisphere.

It's all theories, based on computer models and ice core sampling. The big
political issue is "did humans cause this warming"...and this is NOT
universally accepted by scientists.

David Walters

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