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Subject: Last week in Palestine #2
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Last week in Palestine #2

29 November - 5 December 2002

The occupation, invasions, arrests, curfews and closure, house
razing of prime agricultural land and associated Israeli military
in the Palestinian territories were repeated this week. So too was the
mindless and senseless deaths of numerous Palestinians.

Soldiers shot and killed 16-year-old Hazem Riziq Al-Ajlee last Saturday
as he and his friend were walking in Beit Hanoun in the Gaza Strip. As
equally tragic and as brutal were the killings of two elderly people.
70-year-old Ashour Abdul Malik Salim was killed when Israeli troops
demolished the house he was in, not permitting any of his neighbours or
family to assist his leaving the house - he was elderly and deaf. Fatima
Muhammad As-Saraheny who was shot dead near Ramallah on Tuesday was the
eldest victim of the intifada. The 95-year-old great grandmother was
returning from an innocuous shopping trip to Ramallah when a solider
opened fire on the taxi she was in, shooting her in the back.

And in Gaza, just after midnight Thursday night, Israeli troops invaded
Breij refugee camp killing ten and wounding many others. Two of the
killed were UN workers. Dozens of homes were damaged in the crowded
camp that is home to approximately 20,000 Palestinians.

In other events of the week the “Berlin” type wall that
Israel is building

in the West Bank is continuing. Hundreds of dunums of prime agricultural
land is being destroyed and stolen during its construction. In the same
vein, the Israeli attempt to separate Palestinians from the illegal
settlers in Hebron and surrounding settlements has already this week led
the destruction of numerous homes - with tens of others slated for

Palestinians killed this week: 22

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