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Alan Bradley abradley1 at
Tue Dec 10 17:30:54 MST 2002

From: Peter Boyle
> The overwhelming majority sentiment within the Socialist Alliance in
> Australia -- as far as DSP comrades can judge -- is to continue the
> positive trajectory towards greater left unity.
> the ISO national conference in Sydney last weekend decided to remain in
> the Socialist Alliance. But from what we have been told by ISO members, it
> was a very acrimonious and divided conference. On the question of staying
> in the Socialist Alliance the delegates were evenly divided

This is a real problem. The Alliance could well end up being destroyed if a
minority of its members decide to withdraw, regardless what the majority

Even if the majority of Alliance members wanted to continue after an ISO
walkout, you can imagine how the sectarians would line up to hurl abuse at
what they would portray as a "DSP front". At least some of the independents
and smaller affiliated groups would walk away, and it's not clear that the
remnant would be viable.

Clearly, then, it would be better for the ISO not to walk! But more
seriously, it suggests that failures of the British left are likely to have
serious implications elsewhere too. It would be truly appalling if sectarian
disputes in Edinburgh or London were to cause a major defeat for the
Australian left. We are perfectly capable of defeating ourselves.

Alan Bradley
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