Whither the Greens (to Gary McL, Ben Co and Pyotr B)

DAVID MURRAY dmurray at studentmail.newcastle.edu.au
Tue Dec 10 19:09:13 MST 2002

As most would know my take on the Greens is totally jaundiced by my experience of the Qld Greens led by an ex-anarchist cabal dominated by Drew Hutton. The latter, not the brightest bloke on the block, represents a 'realo" current.
Whats a realo current?
It is the existence of that unease which makes it incumbent on the Left to unite. It is not good enough for the Socialist Party or anyone else to just sit on the status quo. Loyalty to one's party (sect), personal bitterness and enmities etc are all in play at present and prevent us from growing to the point where we can actually act as a pole of attraction to those who desperately want things to improve.
On this one you are both right and wrong. In a situation where the left is divided hopelessly, there needs to be as much effort at genuine unity as possible. Unfortunately, none of the conditions exist for genuine unity today on the marxist left. Genuine unity can exist when there is suiffcient agreement on the basics of perspectives and orientation. This is why we didn't join the alliance, as they have a lunatic perspective of a massive growth on the left due to greater unity. two years later, a few independents have joined the alliance and many other fair-weather friends have left for the Greens.
It is not personal bitterness that separates us from the alliance its general orientation and perspectives. At the moment the DSP cant decide even on its basic orientation to the capitalist state.
And Bob Brown has been hinting that he would love Garrett to run for the
Greens? It would be a fairly sure Senate seat for Garrett. Just what he wanted when he
split the Nuclear Disarmament Party to get rid of the Socialist electoral career
liability in 1984.
Well its good to see celebrities run for the senate for the left. Garret is a scumbag but he is much better than the pondscum that exists in the senate. Simmilarly it would be good to see hubbard in the senate.
In Lara, it was
impossible to tell because the way we ordered our preferences (SA-Green-Labor-Liberal)
was actually the order of the ballot.
Thats quite an unlikely turn up. Probabilitywise.
You call that a "diatribe", Dave?
Yes. If you read between the lines.
PETER: "The Socialist
Party's Steve Jolly ran in the fourth inner-Melbourne seat,
Richmond, and obtained decent 2% (623 votes). This, however,
was sharply down from Jolly's 12% vote in the same seat in
the previous state elections. The Socialist Alliance offered
to support Jolly and endorse him as a Socialist Alliance
candidate in the November 30 poll but this offer was turned
DAVE: From reading that the socialist party lost votes because A. It did not take alliance endorsement and B. Was under some obligation to accept endorsement.
Which is untrue on both counts.

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