`We want peace not war' -- What's in the latest Green Left Weekly? #520 December 11, 2002

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                            Green Left Weekly,
                      Australia's socialist newspaper
                                Issue #520
                            December 11, 2002

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week: `We want peace, not war!'

On November 30-December 1, more than 40,000 people protested against
Australian involvement in any US/UN war on Iraq. Green Left Weekly
publishes the speeches presented by John Pilger, Judy Davis and Bishop
Pat Power at the Sydney rally. Also in this issue, ALP MPs Harry Quick
and Kris Hanna speak against the ALP's support for war.



 * John Pilger: `The Americans want Iraq's oil'
 * Pat Power: `We need a war against poverty, not a war against
 * Judy Davis: `We do not support your war'


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 * The rise of the Greens
 * Behind the Greens' increased vote


 * Unity and diversity
 * Time to unite for a strong Socialist Alliance


 * BRITAIN: Blair takes on the firefighters
 * PALESTINE: Israel kills more than 50 civilians in November
 * LEBANON: Palestinian refugees call for support
 * AFGHANISTAN: The nuclear nightmare begins
 * INDIA: Communists discuss resistance to `communal fascism'
 * CANADA: Indigenous activist harassed
 * UNITED STATES: Students organise against war
 * PHILIPPINES: Workers denounce globalisation and war
 * EAST TIMOR: Anger at poverty and corruption sparks unrest
 * ZIMBABWE: Socialist MP expelled from parliament
 * WTO: US, EU bully Third World in trade talks
 * Reports expose WTO's fake democracy
 * CYPRUS: Is the UN plan a solution?


 * Editorial: Howard's aggression
 * Labor MP lashes ALP on war, refugees
 * Harry Quick: `I'll vote against the war'
 * Lawrence condemns ALP on refugees, war
 * A union solution to an industry problem
 * Tunisian asylum seeker to be deported
 * `Anti-terrorism' laws fuel law and order hysteria
 * Government rejects ASIO bill amendments
 * The veil and religious freedom


 * Socialist Alliance does better in Footscray, Geelong
 * Christmas parade floats cause a stir
 * 15,000 rally to save Ningaloo Reef
 * Public education walkers reach Wollongong
 * Growing movement against war in the NT
 * Candlelight vigil for peace
 * Grocon takes on the CFMEU
 * New NSW police powers: 'political hijacking`
 * Centrelink workers vote for industrial action
 * Laboring over refugee rights
 * Peggy Errey remembered
 * River cruise for Green Left Weekly


 * Sacrificing freedom for `security'
 * A young refugee's journey
 * Mike Moore: the awful truth about US violence


 * And ain't i a woman: A pro-choice not a `pro-abortion' movement
 * Loose Cannons
 * On the box
 * Write On: Letters to Green Left Weekly
 * Cartoon


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