British SWP and the SSP

Nigel Irritable nigel_irritable at
Wed Dec 11 08:23:25 MST 2002

Far from being pleased at the latest problems between
the Socialist Worker Platform and the rest of the
Scottish Socialist Party, I am worried. Not because I
fear for the relationship between the SWP and the SSP
(the SWP just don't matter very much), but because I
fear for the SSP itself.

The SWP has undoubtedly acted in an arrogant and
stupid manner since it joined the SSP. That can hardly
come as a surprise to anyone, and a minority that
included the CWI platform predicted exactly the kinds
of problems which would arise if a merger was rushed,
but the SWP is not in the wrong on every issue.

In particular, attacks on the behaviour of the SWP (an
easy target given the low regard in which the SWP is
held in the SSP) sometimes contain elements of a
broader attack on the rights of SSP members and
platforms to act outside of the SSP. Those rights are
fundamental to the relative success of the SSP.

The manner in which the SW Platform has chosen to act
independently - from plastering a working class estate
on which a racist murder has just taken place with
posters reading "No return to Hitler and the
Holocaust" to trying to undercut the SSP's
intervention into the firefighters strike -
unfortunately gives weight to the arguments of those
who wish to see a less open and democratic SSP.

Is mise le meas
Brian Cahill

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