sodexho and workers and colleges

Alex Gould alexandergould at
Wed Dec 11 09:16:37 MST 2002

A good primer is at
(from the Canadian Union of Public Employees)
has excerpts from the Sodexho Union Avoidance Manual.

There are many examples of campaigns on campuses against Sodexho on the
web.  Some of them are student-led but others are more focused on the
demands of the workers and center on actual organizing.  Last year a
campaign at Xavier U. in Ohio got some mainstream press.

HERE (Hotel Employee and Restaurant Employee Union) has done most of
the Sodexho organizing in this country.  Contact:

Local 26 - Boston
Janice Loux, President/Business Manager
58-62 Berkeley Street
Boston MA 02116
Phone: (617) 423-3335
Fax: (617) 423-0416
E-mail: local26 at
Web site:

I have a bias toward IWW IU 620 (Education Workers Industrial Union) -
more democratic practices, lower dues, and a different strategy.  We
don't focus on government or employer certification as the be-all and
end-all, and workers can become members before there is official
recognition or a contract.  The Chicago local has its own EWIU 620 page
at .  I seem to have lost
the contact info for the Western MA General Membership Branch (GMB) but
they exist and are based in Amherst, I think.

SEIU might also be interested.

Keep me updated on your progress!  In honor of Sodexho and pretty much
every other service-industry employer, here's a song from the Little
Red Songbook to the tune of Oh Susanna, (c) 1983 Paul McKenna

Well now let me introce myself, Jack Shyster is my name.
I'm a management consultant; union busting is my game.
I'm a master of the con job, I'm an expert at the hoax;
and I make my living stealing bread from the mouths of working folks.

I'm a union buster, the bosses' trusty aide.
I help keep their employees overworked and underpaid.


In solidarity, Alex Gould IWW IU 660

--- "e. ahmet tonak" <eatonak at> wrote:
> We are in the process of starting a campaign against Sodexho (Simon's
> Rock College's dining hall sub-contractor which recently bought the
> previous sub-contractor Woods!!).  Any information regarding the
> company
> and its labor practices is appreciated.  Thanks.

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