Hitchens declares for empire

loupaulsen at attbi.com loupaulsen at attbi.com
Wed Dec 11 09:22:16 MST 2002

> A condition of the new imperialism will be the specific promise that
> while troops will come, they will not stay too long.

How very SPECIFIC!!!!!!!  I'm sure they won't stay any longer than they want
to.  How about adding a "specific promise" that "they will not kill too many

> An associated
> promise is that the era of the client state is gone

and replaced by the era of the occupation government.

> and that the aim is
> to enable local populations to govern themselves. This promise is
> sincere.

On Hitchens' part or on Bush's part?

> A new standard is being proposed, and one to which our rulers
> can and must be held.

And of course "we" are so f***ing successful in holding "our rulers"
to "standards".  The man dives ever deeper into the cesspool.  I suppose
imperial courts all need official toadies, but it's still horrifying to watch
a human being devolve into one.


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