Re.: Ottawa Will Allow US Troops to Enter Canada in

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Wed Dec 11 10:49:34 MST 2002

"I was very glad to learn in the papers that in Quebec only 23% were in
favour of Bush and his war, the all Canada score is at
41% though.  The Bush loving province is Alberta, it figures, cowboys
with cowboys."

A friend from Montreal sent me this.
Many Canadians are hypersensitive about their country's relationship
with the United States.  They grew up hearing of the "Brain Drain" of
their most talented and gifted professionals, actors, comedians,
athletes, getting creamed off to higher-paying careers south of the
border. They saw, and heard, Americans buying up vacationlands and
roaring around in the Muskokas, etc. They wonder why there are only
three NHL teams north of the border, eh?  They hate it when the USA
tells them they're wrong about Cuba.  They really hate being thought of
as the 51st state. And now here they are allowing the forces of power of
the USA easy entry.

If Canada is getting swallowed up by with-US-or-against-US US
imperialism, maybe Les Québecois might wish to attend more closely to
the qualifications of sovereignty.

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