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> Apparently, in the USA, there are no less than four (national)
> coalitions against the war now: ANSWER, NION, United for Peace, _and_
> Win Without War (see below).  Any thoughts?

You aren't counting the student network that is coming into existence.
Furthermore, on a local level, there are coalitions in between these other
coalitions.  Here in Chicago we have maybe six or seven.  For example, there
is 'Chicago against War in Iraq', which was formed by DSA types for the
explicit purpose of having a coalition that won't have anything 'left' about
it.  It is pro-weapons inspections.  But it might not be as far to the right
as 'Win Without War'.  On the other (left) hand, there is the 'Iraq Peace
Team' or 'Iraq Peace Pledge', which is a pretty good
pacifist/anti-imperialist coalition which did civil disobedience at the
Federal Building on Tuesday.  Then there are dozens of local groups,
networks, church affairs, etc., which are not in any national coalition at

This is what a real movement looks like, on a scale that we haven't seen for
35 years.  Networks and coalitions popping into existence all the time.
NOBODY is in control of it all.  Nobody CAN be.  Do I think that it is a bad
thing that 'Win without War' is coming into existence?  Personally I do not.
It is a bad thing that there are people who want to 'Win' over Iraq (who are
pro-imperialist, that is), but, since we can't talk them out of their
pro-imperialism in the short run, it is not bad that they organize in a
coalition to fight against the bellicose imperialists and widen the national
debate over the war.  They may pull some people to the right, which is a
negative aspect, but on the other hand they will draw thousands more people
into the debate and into the struggle, and this positive aspect greatly
overrides it in my opinion.

Naturally Corn at has found in 'Win without War' a coalition
to which he can give his heart and soul.  Fine!  At least with this spectrum
of coalitions, there is no excuse for anybody staying out of antiwar
activity!  Let Corn try to organize something instead of disorganizing
everybody else.

Just my take on it,

Lou Paulsen

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