united for peace vs. ANSWER

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--- "e. ahmet tonak" <eatonak at simons-rock.edu> wrote:
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> United for Peace vs. ANSWER
> Can anyone clarify the relationship between these two organizations?
>  Are they excluding each other as they compete with each other?  Is
> there any other --in addition to being anti-stalinist-- political
> reason
> for developing two parallel anti-war organizations?

I don't think either is "excluding" the other deliberately. ANSWER, of
course, is fairly radical; United For Peace seems to be more

I think the development of UFP is indicative of a growing number of
anti-war coalitions and groups around the country, including this
nauseating pro-imperialism-but-anti-war thing that Cooper is latching
on to. I don't think it's necessarily good or bad; it's just indicative
of how the movement is growing.


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