United for Peace and ANSWER

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Thu Dec 12 11:22:54 MST 2002

> United for Peace vs. ANSWER
> Can anyone clarify the relationship between these two organizations?
>  Are they excluding each other as they compete with each other?  Is
> there any other --in addition to being anti-stalinist-- political reason
> for developing two parallel anti-war organizations?

Let's not over-emphasize the level of division.  United for Peace has a link
on their website for the ANSWER demonstration on January 18, and people who
are working on the ANSWER demonstration also attended and publicized local
United for Peace actions that took place on December 10.  I don't think there
is any 'exclusion' on the level of actual activity.

I don't even know that United for Peace is 'parallel' to ANSWER.  In Chicago
there are ANSWER volunteers' meetings.  I don't know if there are 'United for
Peace' meetings.  United for Peace called for local actions around December
10, and there was an action here in Chicago on December 10, but it was called
under the name of the 'Iraq Peace Pledge', which in turn is composed of other
organizations here such as Voices in the Wilderness, the Eighth Day Center,
and Prairie Fire Organizing Committee to name a few, none of which is
unfriendly to ANSWER or the IAC.

According to the information on the United for Peace website, it was created
out of a meeting on October 25, the day before ANSWER's October 26 action, for
the purpose of "coordinating" the anti-war movement.  I suppose the website
itself is the best place to look to find out what their mission is.  But I
believe the mass sentiment in the forces around ANSWER and around the
organizations in United for Peace - and there is overlap in these forces - is,
correctly, much opposed to acrimonious division.

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