Torquemadas in Birkenstocks

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Counterpunch, December 12, 2002

Torquemadas in Birkenstocks
The War Club

My dear old friend David Brower must be fuming in his grave. The Sierra
Club, the organization he almost single-handedly built into a global
green powerhouse, has become so cowardly since his death two years ago
that now it refuses even take a stand against war, which Brower believed
to be the ultimate environmental nightmare.

Even worse, its bosses-like petty enforcers from the McCarthy Era--are
now threatening to exile from the Club any leaders who step forward to
voice their opposition to the looming bombing and subsequent invasion
and occupation of Iraq.

It is a telltale sign of the enervated condition of the big greens that
there's precious little dissent in the Sierra Club on the prospect of
another war in the Persian Gulf. Indeed, it took four activists from
Utah, of all places, to light the fire. Let them be known as the Glen
Canyon Group Four: John Weisheit, Tori Woodward, Patrick Diehl and Dan Kent.

Last week, they announced that they opposed the war. They identified
themselves as leaders of the Sierra Club's Glen Canyon Group, based in
Moab, Utah, former stomping grounds of Edward Abbey.

"The present administration has declared its intention to achieve total
military dominance of the world," says Patrick Diehl, vice-chair of the
Glen Canyon Group. "We believe that such ambitions will produce a state
of perpetual war, undoing whatever protection of the environment that
conservation groups may have so far achieved."

This noble stand was soon followed by a similarly principled anti-war
resolution enacted by the Club's San Francisco Bay Chapter.

Then: slam! The long arm of Sierra Club HQ came down on them-clumsily as



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