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Thu Dec 12 12:38:31 MST 2002

Many people have become aware of the potential for space based laser weapons
from the new James Bond movie.  The Bond movies explore ideas in technology
just over the horizon of our reach.  But this one is much closer than people

The Bond movie engages in old fashion cold war red-bating by making believe
that North Korea has this horrible weapons aimed at the West.  This is
standard for cold war era propaganda, but what is really going on is that
the US Space Command is far along in having one of these weapons, in
violation of treaties on placing weapons in space.  The Space Command's main
laser weapons research and development center is here at Kirtland AFB in
Albuquerque, New Mexico.  This base was designated last year as the center
for military laser weapons research, not just space based.

The facts concerning the development of space based nuclear powered laser
weapons has been confirmed by numerous articles in the New York Times,
Popular Science, local university research contracts and local newspapers
papers.  It is not North Korea but our country which is escalating the arms
race into space with laser weapons, and on the ground with other laser

Some of the other laser weapons already developed are:

 - a ground based laser exists here capable of hitting satellites in orbit,
which is also in violation of treaties prohibiting attacks on space assets
of other countries.

This is the basis of the arms race into space by other countries to protect
their satellites.

- truck mounted lasers capable of hitting 120mm rockets in flight developed
at White Sands and given to Israel to stop the Palestinian Intifada.

- Rifle size lasers capable of blinding humans at great range.

- The Air Force is under a crash program here to install laser cannons on
small flexible jet fighter aircraft.

- A fleet of large size 747 jets are being assembled to attack missiles in
lift off or even objects in space.

This is the Star Wars plan of Reagan coming into reality piece by piece.

- Most dangerous at this moment is news that appeared in an article this
week in the local paper.  The Albuquerque Journal reported on a three day
space warfare conference in El Paso where the Army unveiled a new Humvee
mounted size laser weapon, supposedly to be used to explode land mines.

The article says of this portable mobile laser, "The laser applied heat is
about equal to the surface of the sun" (Albuquerque Journal, Wed. Dec. 11,
2002).  This new weapon, like all the other laser weapons, is very capable
of killing human targets at great distance and in complete silence.  This is
the holy grail of killing: silent to the victim, deadly against the human
body, accurate at great distance, limited collateral damage.

The implications of this new weapon, along with the whole family of laser
weapons under development, for people working against the imperial war
machine in foreign countries and here at home are staggering, and clearly
immoral.  We must move fast to stop these weapons before they are used
against people fighting for freedom abroad and against us in the name of
homeland security.

The peace and anti-war movement in this country is not fully aware of the
scope and scale of the new weapons already in the hands of people like Bush,
Rumsfeld, Cheney, Ashcroft - many of the breakthroughs for these weapons
were originated under the Clinton administration, and in states like New
Mexico assisted by university faculty conducting the research broken down
into sub component problems.

Most people have been rightly focused on nuclear weapons since Hiroshima and
Nagasaki due to the massive destructive power and long term radiological
hazards, but attention has not been placed enough on laser weapons for use
on earth and in space warfare.

In our cities and university laboratories, in our backyard, not in North
Korea, our country has pushed a new arms race with the development of a
whole new generation of super killing weapons - and they are planning more.

It is these powerful weapons of the war machine which enable global
corporations assisted by police and military forces, as Thomas Friedman says
of the iron hand in the glove, to destroy the rain forests, the grab for the
oil fields and takes money from AID treatment, educational and health care
solutions, and a better more just society.

New Mexico is a major weapons development center for nuclear and space
warfare planning.  We are planning another demonstration to expose and stop
the war machine.  We have been doing this for years.  On Jan 18, the
International Day of Action to stop the War on Iraq we will hold a large
demonstration at Kirtland AFB, the home and central lab for much of the
space warfare.  Then, along with the Global Network Against Nuclear Power
and Weapons in Space organization, on Feb 3-4, we will hold a two day
protest at the annual Nuclear Power in Space Symposium held here to promote
war in space.

We invite people from around the world who agree that we must stop the war
machine from having and using these new weapons for the global corporate
control of the planet to join us here.  We protest these weapons all the
time, on campus, at conferences, seminars and at the main base.  Join us for

Committee to Stop the War Machine
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