Black Radical Congress -- Dead or Alive?

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Thu Dec 12 13:59:20 MST 2002

At 12:15 PM +0000 12/12/02, Art McGee wrote:
>  > Is the Black Radical Congress dead? Or is it "alive" but
>  > unable to function as an organization?
>Still very much alive, but for the last year, they went
>internal as they were no longer able to sustain the public
>information dissemination and campaigns, i.e., BRC-NEWS,
>etc. In particular, I, being the person formerly handling
>most of that (the Communications Coordinator), had to move
>on as the BRC wasn't ready to move things to the required
>level. I'm not talking about politics but money. Everyone in
>the organization is as committed to radical change as ever,
>but like most of the left, they still haven't grasped what
>it means to build institutions. Poverty and purity ain't
>all it's cracked up to be. We have the best politics,
>but no money to get anything done.

I'm glad to hear from you.  And I'm happy to learn that internal
discussion is still continuing vigorously.  If the lack of money is
the main obstacle, I wonder if there isn't a kind of political
education campaign that at the same time serves as a fundraising
campaign.  Any thoughts?

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