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>The problem is that the DPRK has long
> since ceased to be a socialist state as such,

> Marxists in the rest of the world have a duty to study and examine the
> political and social realities of given national situations without opting
> for the path of least resistance ("They're called the Worker's Party!
> They *must* be radical! Hail the beaming red jumpsuit of Kim Jong-
> il!").

> but what is clear to
> anyone that wants to know the truth is that there is a sickeningly
> powerful, wealthy, and dedicatedly capitalist elite in the North

If it's so clear, then it should be easy for you to demonstrate.

Bear in mind, however, that people have been 'demonstrating' that every
socialist country is really a capitalist country since 1926 or so - on
which, see Juriaan's post earlier today.  Good luck in coming up with a
method that hasn't been used already.

You are mistaken if you think that we don't have anyone in our party who
knows any more about the DPRK than that their governing party is called the
'Workers' Party'.


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