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> I find Lou Paulsen's post regarding the WWP stance on the DPRK to
> be a rather ill-thought out consideration of the status of the DPRK
> within the totality of "socialist states."

Comrade Gavin, I think you need to look back at Comrade Lou's post because
you have just grossly misquoted him. At no time does he write "socialist
states." In fact there is no such thing as a socialist state, at least to a
Marxist. Socialist country...workers' state, yes. But a "socialist state" is
a contradiction in terms. "Socialism" is stateless. It's gone beyond the
need for a dictatorship of the proletariat, no need for an army or police to
protect the interests of the ruling [proletarian] class against the
interests of the capitalist class.  I felt the need to correct this so there
is no misunderstanding. It's a major point.

When you pass judgment on any workers' state, whether it's DPRK or Cuba or
any other, remember that it's getting a tremendous amount of pressure on all
sides by the imperialist powers. There are going to be problems and
sometimes serious problems. But it's the first step toward a stateless
society, toward a socialist society, which we want to support. It's good for
a revolutionary to be critical for the sake of the health of the revolution,
but it's even more important to unconditionally defend  workers' states
against  any and all imperialist attacks. And, comrade, I get the feeling
that you are in essence saying that DPRK should not be defended. Please
correct me if I'm wrong.

Yours in struggle,

Cherie Pleau

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