Steve Ellner from Venezuela (12/12)

Jay Moore pieinsky at
Fri Dec 13 06:22:13 MST 2002

Jay: The situation here is admittedly scary. Everyday there is something
new. I think the strike is failing and thus the opposition will have to come
up with something dramatic, maybe more deaths. It's really terrible. I have
never seen a media so partisan, it's as if they were political activists and
only present one side of the story. And that's the case with all the private
TV channels, radio stations and much of the press. El Nacional, the premier
newspaper here, called the Chavez people "lumpen" in an editorial and (in
another) compared them to Nazi thugs attacking Jews in the 30s. It's really
incredible. Ok, regards to Judy and I hope that the two of you have a nice,
relaxing, peaceful Christmas holiday. We have to hope for the best. Best,
Steve and Carmen

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