Queens College and the TWU strike: Doing the Bossman's work

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Fri Dec 13 09:22:05 MST 2002

If you go to the Queens College homepage, www.qc.edu/main.html, you can scroll to the middle of the page and find QC's information to its students regarding the possibility of a transit strike. The problem is that the website presents this information in an obviously ideologically-driven manner:

"Mayor Bloomberg announced City's contingency plans for possible illegal transit workers' strike."

Now, of course the strike would be "illegal" under the Taylor Law.  But why is it necessary to insert that word if you are just giving students information on whether or not campus will be open?  Is it the job of the school to further demonize the TWU, or to let students make up their minds for themselves?  This is especially insulting in that many QC students themselves or their parents are members of Local 100.

This is just part of the overall direction QC is taking, including trying to break away from CUNY.  If the conservative elite that run things at QC and CUNY think they are going to have an easy ride pushing austerity and this type of support for their buddies on the students of QC, they got another thing coming.

The President of QC was formerly the "CEO" of another college.  The corporatization of education must stop! Let's get rid of the Board of Trustees and CEO presidents and bring true democracy to CUNY.

And if things were different we would ahve a student strike in solidarity with the TWU.

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