Two questions

Sabri Oncu soncu at
Fri Dec 13 11:49:25 MST 2002

> Hello everyone,
> I think my first post was too vague.
> First of all, I want to know what dialectics is,
> and what does it  mean?

Try this:

I found this web site after my seven years old son asked me the
same question. Even I learnt some from this site.

This is an excerpt from the site:

> These are the three laws of dialectics according to
> Frederick Engels, a revolutionary thinker and partner
> of Karl Marx, writing in the 1870s in his book Dialectics
> of Nature. Engels believed that dialectics was "A very
> simple process which is taking place everywhere and every
> day, which any child can understand". This web site is
> dedicated to proving his point.



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