Director of Frida Kahlo film on audience response at Cuban film festival

Alan Ginsberg aginsberg at
Fri Dec 13 12:46:48 MST 2002

Ms. Taymor said she found the Cuban audience's reaction to "Frida"
fascinating. "Every single nuance got a different response," she said. "All
of the political figures here are on a pedestal. We made history human and
they liked it. We were told they'd never seen Trotsky as a man, only as
propaganda. When Geoffrey Rush, playing Trotsky, says, `Stalin is so dull,'
there was a great reaction."

The full text of the article, "In Havana, Film Festival Hits a Chord" can be
found at

In addition to discussing the Film Festival, the article contains some of
critic Elvis Mitchell's impressions of Havana.  I have no idea of Mitchell's
politics, but he has written some perceptive reviews of  films with
left-wing political subjects.

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