Sabri Oncu on anti-historicism

Sabri Oncu soncu at
Fri Dec 13 13:55:28 MST 2002

> Hi Sabri,
> I enjoyed your post - do I detect a gentle sense of humour
> breaking through? I broadly agree with your view, however
> the Internet makes it possible to ask questions about what
> people mean, when they say this or that. When you
> say, "It is in this sense that "history is governed by inner
> general laws", or, at least, this is what I mean when I say
> that", do you mean you are an incarnation of Friedrich Engels ?
> Cheers,
> J.

Unlike the usual, I was serious this time. Seriously. Of course I
did not mean that I was an incarnation of Friedrich Engels. It
happens that I also say here and there that history is governed
by inner general laws and when I say that what I have in mind are
non-static non-local stochastic laws, which have deterministic
components or parts, as I tried to explain. That also Engels said
it is partly coincidence, other than the fact that I remember
many such statements from my readings of Marx, Engels and others
as well as of many writers over the internet and hence may be
influenced by them. But obviously, Engels couldn't have
plagiarized it from me, which is an example of what cannot happen
here and now.



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