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Subject: JENIN JENIN finally available on home video!!
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Arab Film Distribution is proud to announce the release of Mohamed
Bakri's acclaimed documentary "Jenin Jenin" on VHS.

Winner:   *BEST FILM*   Carthage International Film Festival

The film, directed and co-produced by Palestinian actor and director
Mohammed Bakri, includes testimony from Jenin residents after the
Israeli army's Defensive Wall operation, during which the city and
camp were the scenes of fierce fighting. The operation ended with
Jenin flattened and scores of Palestinians dead. Palestinians as well
as numerous human rights groups accused Israel of committing war
crimes in the April 2002 attack on the refugee camp. "Jenin Jenin"
shows the extent to which the prolonged oppression and terror has
affected the state of mind of the Palestinian inhabitants of Jenin.

Recently banned in Israel, "Jenin Jenin" is dedicated to Iyad Samudi,
the producer of the film, who returned home to Yamun after the
shooting of the film was completed. On June 23, as Israeli forces
besieged Yamun, Samudi was shot and killed as he was leaving a
military-closed area with three friends.

For more information on the film's censorship:



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