gender, testosterone and attacking Iraq

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Fri Dec 13 16:40:15 MST 2002

>>Isn't this typical of the capitalist media?  How does a 45-43 ratio show
"particularly strong" support among men in Australia for an attack on
Iraq.  If the ratio was round the other way, 45% antiwar and 43% pro,
the Sydney Morning Herald would probably say it was 'neck and neck'
among men.<<

Actually, the SMH is quite irresponsible. Assuming the typical 1200 sample
size bourgeois public opinion poll, that leaves you with a sample for men of
about 600. About such a sample, the margin of error would be on the order of
+/- 5%.

Even if the sample size were doubled to 1200 just for men, the results are
still within the margin of error of the poll, i.e., the 2% difference is not
statistically significant, it is too small.

So it isn't a question of the poll showing even showing a slight plurality
support for the war among men. It does not. And it shows how incompetent and
tendentious the prowar big business media is in beating the war drums.


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