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Embittered Pope: God turns his back on humanity

by Allard Hoekzema, Het Parool (Amsterdam), 13 december 2002, p. 7.

Vatican City - "Aside from war and hunger there is an even greater tragedy,
namely that of the silence of God, who doesn't reveal himself anymore. He
seems locked up in heaven, filled with aversion for humanity". Thus Pope
John Paul II at a general audience this week.
The embittered commentary of Karol Wojtyla refers to an incantation of the
prophet Jeremiah. "If you do not listen, I will weep about your haughtiness,
and shed bitter tears because the herd of the Lord is carried away"
(Jeremiah 13, 17).
"The loneliness of lost humanity, described by this prophet, is comparable
to the lost feeling of the world in our time", said the Holy Father.
Last month the Pope already expressed an equally dramatic distress call
about the situation of humanity today. Then he referred to a lament by
Isaiah about the corruption of politicians.
The last few months John Paul II has been systematically commenting on world
actualities using biblical psalms.
"Today we feel alone, abandoned, without hope for salvation", the Pope
recently remarked somberly. "Isn't this existential loneliness perhaps the
deep well of so much dissatisfaction and misery ? Insecurity, hate, tragic
conflicts such as in the Middle East, have their origin in a farewell to
God, rock of salvation. Humanity must, to find the way out, recognise God's
silence as a warning. And His aversion should prompt us to a new
rapprochment with Him."
The Italian clergy and a handful of christian democrat politicians have
reacted positively to the words of the church father. But among others, the
Pope's statements was received with indifference. The Italian peninsula is
these days preoccupied by more worldly matters, such as a crisis at the Fiat
factories and fears for a deep industrial recession.
Premier Silvio Berlusconi, who normally speaking has great difficulty with
saying nothing, completed ignored the message of the Holy Father.

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