Reply to Jurriaan and Julio

Mark Jones markjones011 at
Sat Dec 14 02:38:39 MST 2002

Jurriaan Bendien wrote:
> I regard Julio as a friend, but haven't heard from him for ages. I don't
> think you should create a fake amalgam of Julio's position and mine in the
> well-known Stalinist manner. You engage in a sweeping broadside without
> really knowing who you are dealing with, it is best first of all to really
> find out what somebody's views are, before attacking him.

It wasn't my intention to make bedfellows of you by answering two posts on
the same theme with one reply. I post too much as it is. I'm sorry if you
were offended. As a matter of fact, I thought both yours and Julio's
contributions merited a serious response. My polemical style should not
blind you to the fact that I take you both seriously as interlocutors. I
also agree with you that markets undoubtedly have a long future as well as a
long past, whatever happens. I read your discussions with J Devine about
whether total values = total prices with some interest, and I agree that
they do not. It is not a perfect world or even a perfectible one. In general
while I see that you do not think I do justice to your arguments about
markets, I don't think you are registering the relevance and theoretical
weight of my objections either and this tends to vitiate debate not advance



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