marxism list tech notes

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Sat Dec 14 06:00:20 MST 2002

This is a good time to remind list subscribers new and old about
posting guidelines and about web subscription.

1.) There are three main rules for posting to the list, the details
can be found here:

If you have any problems, for example posting in plain text only,
write me off list and i will do what i can to help.

2.) For peeople who would like to post to the e-list but not receive a
stream of emails daily, there is a web subscription list. When you add
your email address to this list, you are free to post as you like to
the list, but instead of receiving any emails from the list, you can
read the posts on the web at


Write me off list if you want to change to web-based subscription.

Les Schaffer

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