Chavez defies U.S. government's demand for early elections

Fred Feldman ffeldman at
Sat Dec 14 06:44:57 MST 2002

Chavez is right to defy Washington's  attack on Venezuela's sovereignty.
The Bush administration's action -- clearly aimed at reviving a weakening
strike and opposition and preparing an open U.S. campaign for "regime
change" -- may have the opposite effect by exposing who really stands behind
the opposition's campaign.

New elections, whether they are held or not, will not be a road to peace for
Venezuela.  If Chavez wins again -- as is likely even in the face of the
massive campaign of economic pressure and intimidation that Washington will
lead and bankroll in the name of "democracy"-- the oppositioin's disruptions
will continue until they are decisively defeated.  And if the Venezuelan
capitalists and landlords regain full control of the governmental machinery,
they will use it to escalate their war of fear and revenge against the
Venezuelan people who dared to defy them.

Regardless of what happens with regard to elections -- Venezuela has bent
over backwards to observe observed the letter and spirit of  democratic
standards on this question --  democratic-minded people in other countries
need to step up their activities in defense of this embattled nation.
Fred Feldman

Posted: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 16:28 AEDT

Chavez defiant against US calls for early poll in Venezuela
The White House wants an early poll in Venezuela but
President Hugo Chavez is holding out.

The United States says it is deeply concerned by a 12-day
general strike by right-wing unions in the Latin American
country, which it says is wreaking havoc in the country.

An imperviously defiant President Chavez is declaring their
OPEC colleagues are not offering any experts to bring the
oil refinery back to full output as soon as possible.

He has also threatened he could fire the bulk of the
employees of the state oil company if that was necessary.

Above all, President Chavez is trying to hold out until next
August when a binding referendum could be held while the
Opposition wants to see the back of him by Christmas.

ABC (Australian Broadasting Corporation)

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