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Sat Dec 14 09:13:06 MST 2002

One of the reasons I tend to regard the Time Magazine as hostile to
indigenous peoples' interests, no matter the inclusion of the recent expose
on gambling casinos, is their pro-graverobbing stance on Kennewick Man.
This has turned into a kind of litmus test for the academy. In today's
Chronicle of Higher Education, there is a link to an article at the
National Association of Scholars website by Glynn Custred at California
State University--Hayward. He decries the concessions made to Washington
State Indians who claimed the skeleton belonged to them and not
researchers. This leads Custred to describe the left-leaning academics who
sided with the Indians in the following terms: "They are also timid
individuals and notorious suckers for political correctness, which means
they will probably permit the continued erosion of this branch of inquiry,
and more importantly the erosion of the rational basis of science in general."

As I always do in situations like this is go to the Board of Advisers
section of the NAS's website (, where you will discover
a virtual rogue's gallery of neoconservatives:

Eugene D. Genovese
Gertrude Himmelfarb
Paul Hollander
Irving Louis Horowitz
Harry V. Jaffa
Robert Jastrow
Donald Kagan
Jeane J. Kirkpatrick
Irving Kristol
Richard D. Lamm
Mary R. Lefkowitz
Leslie Lenkowsky
Seymour Martin Lipset
Sir Hugh Lloyd-Jones
Harvey C. Mansfield
Nelson W. Polsby
Milton J. Rosenberg
Stanley Rothman
John R. Silber
Christina Hoff Sommers
Shelby Steele
Stephan Thernstrom
Edward O. Wilson
James Q. Wilson

Ugh, I say. Leave the bones to the Indians.

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