FW: Politics and History of Writing for Social Change

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This seems worth passing on, particularly for those of you in the New York area...

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Subject: UPDATE: Politics and History of Writing for Social Change
(1/5/03; 3/28/03-3/29/03)

Update: faculty speakers included below

Why We Write: The Politics and History of Writing for Social Change
Conference March 28-29, 2003 Columbia University New York, NY 10027

As a result of the overwhelming success of last year's
interdisciplinary conference on the History of Activism, History as
at Columbia University, the graduate students in the history
department are
currently organizing an interdisciplinary conference on
the historical, theoretical, and political dimensions of writing. The
objective of the conference is to provide a forum for writers,
activists, novelists, screenwriters, poets, journalists, graduate
and faculty--from all fields and across all time periods and
locations--to discuss "why they write."

Proposals could address but are not limited to:

historical, sociological, literary, medical, legal, and
anthropological examinations of writing. writing theories of gender,
sexuality, and identity the importance of the printed word in issues
related to nationalism globalism, human rights, environmentalism, and
animal rights. the role of the activist, scholar, and writer in public
culture rethinking disciplinary boundaries and imagining the future of

interdisciplinary studies
getting published:  the politics and mechanics of writing articles,
collections, producing documentaries, and writing screenplays.
bridging the gap between writing scholarly articles and teaching the
writing public history
writing outside the academy

With Special Faculty Presentations by:

 John D'Emilio (Illinois/Sexuality)
 Carol Gluck (Columbia/East Asia)
 Robin Kelley (NYU/Race)
 Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak (Columbia/Postcolonial)
 Christine Stansell (Princeton/U.S. Gender and Urban History)

Please send proposals (roughly 250 words) with a CV to
whywewrite at hotmail.com.

Deadline is January 5, 2003--proposals sent before the deadline are

Accepted panelists will be notified by February 16, 2003

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