New issue of "Patria y pueblo" available on demand

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at
Sun Dec 15 13:34:09 MST 2002

Ttogether with militants of two grassroots social organizations, the
Partido de la Izquierda Nacional to which I belong has organized a
new poltical space, by name "Patria y Pueblo, los socialistas en el
campo nacional" (Spanish: "Homeland and people, socialists in the
national camp").

Within a general program of radicalized Latin American nationalism,
Patria y Pueblo will struggle towards the construction of a National
Liberation Front in Argentina, promoting leadership of the working
class and the most oppressed ones as the sole guarantee for an
irreversible victory against imperialism and local sepoys.  A full
programme of Patria y Pueblo is available on demand.

This organization has also decided to launch a publication, which
will appear at least once a month, and which will be also called
"Patria y Pueblo".  I have been appointed as the director of this

If you are interested in a (roughly) monthly load of news and
analyses of Argentinean, Latin American and global events from the
point of view of the patriotic and revolutionary revolutionaries in
Argentina, contact me at nestorgoro at

Subscriptions are at u$s 10 per twelve issues outside Latin America,
u$s 5 per twelve issues in Latin America.

Whoever wants to collaborate with higher sums will be particularly
welcome. Any other kind of help will be also welcome.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
nestorgoro at

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Pedro Albizu Campos, compatriota puertorriqueño de todos
los latinoamericanos.
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