Jaggi Singh fights deportation from Israel

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Sun Dec 15 19:21:35 MST 2002

Canadian activist fights deportation from Israel

TEL AVIV - Canadian peace activist Jaggi Singh won a temporary legal battle
in Israel
Sunday, after being denied permission to start what he called a
fact-finding mission into
allegations of human rights abuses against Palestinians.

Singh was detained by Israeli authorities at the Ben Gurion airport in Tel
Aviv Saturday
night. He is not under arrest, according to officials in Ottawa. But
Israeli authorities
want him to leave, Canada's Foreign Affairs Department said.

On Sunday, a lawyer representing Singh went to court and won an interim
against deportation.

A three-member panel of the Israeli supreme court will rule Monday on
whether the
Canadian should be allowed into the country.

Meanwhile, a Quebec-based group denounced Israel for stopping Singh from
moving freely
into the West Bank or Gaza Strip. The Palestinian group International
Solidarity Movement
said Israel is trying to silence critics.

"Jaggi's current detention highlights an increasing attack waged by the
Israeli state
against international activists who either travel to or work in the occupied
territories," said Stefan Christoff, a spokesperson for the organization,
at a news
conference in Montreal.

Israeli customs and security officials questioned Singh at the airport for
several hours
before telling him to fly back to Canada, according to the International
Movement. He refused.

Singh went to the Middle East to collect information about the treatment of
people in the
occupied territories, Canadian Palestinian activists said..

Singh has been a central figure at many protests in Canada over the years,
and has had
several brushes with authorities here.

In April 2001, he was arrested in Quebec City and charged with
participating in a riot
outside the Summit of the Americas.

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