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Cities for Peace is a rapidly growing effort to get City Councils and
other civic bodies to pass resolutions against a war on Iraq. Civic
and religious leaders, educators, peace activists, business leaders
and individuals from all sectors are coming together across the
country to say "no" to Bush's call for war. We the people of the U.S.
are wary of a military venture against a country that has not
attacked us. We are fearful that a war will lead to the deaths of
thousands of Iraqis and US troops. We see this as a potentially
dangerous distraction from fighting terrorism and we are aware that
such a war would have devastating consequences on our city budgets
and on local capacity to meet the current needs of our own
communities in these difficult economic times.

We need to exercise our democratic rights by pressing our local
elected officials and other public institutions to pass resolutions
expressing the will of local communities with regard to a war with
Iraq. It is imperative that local officials weigh in on national
matters that will ultimately have enormous impacts on our
communities. Please join us! This website is a hub to link the many
City Council resolutions and campaigns across the country. It is a
testament to the growing unease that people across the country are
feeling about Bush's preemptive strike policy and our commitment to
cultivating a world based on peace and justice.

Cities for Peace Campaign: <>.
Resolutions Opposing War in Iraq:
Cities for Peace Resolution Campaign Tool Kit:

Cities for Peace Campaign Contact Info:
To join the Institute for Policy Studies in this effort contact the
co-directors of the Progressive Challenge Project at IPS. Karen
Dolan, 202-234-9382, ext. 228, or kdolan at; or Amy Quinn,
202-234-9382, ext. 238, a-quinn at

Institute for Policy Studies
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* Calendar of Events in Columbus:
* Anti-War Activist Resources: <>
* Student International Forum: <>
* Committee for Justice in Palestine: <>

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