1,000 march through Harlem, Washington Heights to Protest War

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From: "Karim Lopez" klopez at marazulcharters.
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Subject: [VSCampaign] 1,000 March Uptown Against the War --- Uptown for P &
J Young Person's Meeting- December 18, 2002- 2005 Amsterdam, 2nd floor @

Uptown for Peace and Justice Young Person's Meeting- December 18, 20022005
Amsterdam Ave (159th Street) 2nd floor @ 6:30 PM

1,000 March through Harlem and Washington Heights to Protest Bush's War

On December 14, 2002 Uptown Youth for Peace and Justice and members of the
Uptown community, anti-war and youth movements made history as we marched in
force through the streets of Washington Heights and Harlem. Upwards of 1,000
people turned out to demonstrate despite the cold, wet weather. The march
began at 155th Street and Broadway after some music and a few speakers.

We marched down Broadway and across 145th Street chanting and demanding:
"Money for Schools not for War! Money for Jobs not for War!" Response from
passers-by and spectators was positive and supportive. On the bullhorns and
leading the march were Uptown for P&J leaders Alcy Montas and Ife Dancey. We
continued down to 125th Street where a rally was held featuring almost all
young people of color, spoken word and hip-hop performance, speakers
representing community organizations and some elected officials. We demanded
an end to the Poverty Draft. We demanded an end to the looting of our
schools and communities to fund an unjust war. We demanded an end to
continued murder of innocents around the world.

Thank you to all who were in attendance. The event was a contradiction to
the difficult realities of life under Bush, Pataki and Bloomberg: cutbacks
on education, decrease in employment opportunities and aggressive recruiting
by the military in public high schools and colleges paints the picture for
young people in New York right now. An act of protest against the war is a
declaration and demand for life. When people link the murderous actions of
our nation globally with the struggles and attacks we face in our own
neighborhoods, a grassroots internationalist consciousness can develop which
will be truly dangerous to the war-mongers.

Uptown Youth for Peace and Justice hopes to evaluate this demonstration in
efforts to help build the youth movement; this encompasses all the struggles
which are relevant to young people today.

We envision a successful anti-war movement. We envision a continued growth
in consciousness and the numbers of politically active young leaders. We see
this as an important moment in our efforts to bring thousands of talented,
powerful young people from a state of inactive anger and frusturation into
collective, focused action. We envision our coalition and movement as being
by and for young working people. In New York city, this means youth of
color. We urge total participation from all areas, communities and sectors
of the movement in order to achieve this. We invite everyone who feels this
mission to help us build our coalition.

We welcome all young people of color from Uptown and beyond, working youth
from around the city, to attend our general body meeting for Young People on
December 18, 2002. It will take place at 2005 Amsterdam Avenue (159th
Street) on the second floor at 6:30 PM.

Those who were not in attendance on Saturday please feel free to come. For
more information please contact Karim at 347-203-6157. To leave a message
requesting information or to join Uptown for Peace and Justice, call
212-642-1185 or visit www.uptownpj.org and click on "Contact Us."

Uptown Youth for Peace and Justice
Dec 16, 2002

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