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A highlight for me (filling a gap in my knowledge) was the article "Where is Vietnam
"For at least a decade, the US and the international financial institutions that serve it
have been seeking to roll back the social and economic gains of the Vietnamese revolution.
How to maintain a socialist orientation in the face of this economic offensive is an
ongoing debate within Vietnam. In an article first presented as a paper ot the second Asia
Pacific Solidarity Conference, Michael Alexandros outlines the history of this debate and
corrects some common misconceptions spread by the capitalist media."

And an unusual topic which discusses artistic style and 'socialist realism' as much as
popular consciousness:
" "What remains of Soviet culture?" is an intriguing and thought-provoking investigation
of a topic that has received little attention outside the former Soviet Union and Eastern
Europe. The question, as Boris Kagarlitsky points out, is far from purely academic:
"Present-day Russian life is full of a sense of incompleteness, and even a decade after
the fall of the USSR, society continues to describe itself as post-Soviet or
post-Communist... the Soviet experience also remains a crucial factor in mass
consciousness because the new reality does not provide its own solid and socially
acceptable everyday experience, meaningful enough to force out the past."

CONTENTS < to read the latest issue.>
A war to defeat, a world to win
by Dipankar Bhattacharya

The Bush Doctrine
by Malik Miah, Barry Sheppard and Caroline Lund

The political situation of Indonesia
from Pembebasan

Where is Vietnam heading?
by Michael Alexandros

Revolutionaries, resistance and crisis in Zimbabwe
by Munyaradzi Gwisai

Principles, stategies and tactics of decommodification in South Africa
by Patrick Bond

What remains of Soviet culture?
by Boris Kagarlitsky

Asia Pacific International Solidarity Conference
by John Percy

European Anti-Capitalist Left meets again
by International Viewpoint

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