Northern Ireland demographics & implications

M. Adams galture at
Tue Dec 17 09:34:20 MST 2002

Ah, how temporary that stalwart principle of Unionism,
"The Wishes Of The Greater Number", turns out to be!

I'm not particularly fond of the demographics
strategy.  For one thing, I think the relative growth
of the catholic population is sometimes overestimated.
Then we have that odious creature, the catholic
unionist, although thankfully in a minority.  Most of
all though, it can be (and is) sometimes used as a
reason not to bother with politics. Have patience; lie
back and think of Ireland.

It's clear that it is panicking the Unionists though.
This comes not so very long after David Trimble's call
for a border poll, in the hope of "killing the issue
for a generation".

On a wider note, I think the "demographic route" has
more to do with the growth in the social weight of the
catholic middle class than the size total catholic
population per se. With the mellowing of sections of
radical nationalism, "waiting for a majority"
dovetails nicely with playing down fronts of activity
other than anti-partitionism. In any case I don't
think many people on this list or among more astute
republicans see the the removal of partition as any
kind of cure-all.
Protestants should have veto on united Ireland, says
unionist MP

Mark Adams

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