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Anyone has any statistics handy to refute the following op-ed piece in today's NYT?

NYT's objectivity: Argentina = Citicorp

First, NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF's observation:

"....I was struck by the angry scrawls on American banks in Buenos Aires. A
Citibank branch was defaced by this line written in English (with Spanish
grammar): "Thieves, returns ours dollars!"

and then, his "objectivity" mixed with his view on the above line -"misguided:"

"It seems to me that Citicorp's chairman, Sanford Weill, could pull out a can
of paint and scrawl those words on the Argentine Consulate in New York. Still,
however misguided, that fury needs to be addressed."

If Saddam Were Only Brazilian

December 17, 2002

At this pivotal time, we in the U.S. are losing the battle
of ideas in Latin America.

Armand Diego wrote:

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>I thought this contained some useful info for
>trainspotters. DA
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>Report from Argentina, Dec. 17, 2002 (English/Spanish)
>By Frontlines Correspondents
>Political situation:
>Situacion Politica:
>After three weeks of an intensive government campaign,
>the march of the left wing of the piquetero movement
>started yesterday in four different parts of the

Frequently the only possible answer is a critique of the
question and the only solution is to negate the question.

Karl Marx, 1857, Grundrisse, "The Chapter on Money,"  p.127.

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