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Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Tue Dec 17 18:54:21 MST 2002

Fred Feldman:

>>I find it amazing how electoralist many opponents of socialist electoral activity
are, e.g. judging the success of electoral campaigns purely in terms of votes
cast ... Tom rather patronisingly mentions independent lefties [for which Socialist
Alliance] offers a small "broad left party" in which to feel comfortable. Well
isn't it better that they have an organisation *in which to be active*, which
is what they want. <<

1. I don't see it purely in terms of votes cast. In fact I discussed other types
of benefits, such as local campaign work and union caucuses. But if we do focus
on votes, let's be real. 2% in the Australian preferential system is derisory,
and to pretend otherwise is self-delusion.
2. I don't mean to patronise left independents. After all, I'm now one myself!
I have great respect for anyone who's still a revolutionary after the years
of heartbreak we've been through -- and I don't blame them for going into the
Alliance, it's quite understandable. The problem is that they are joining an
artificial construct, carried by the DSP and the ISO. This is not a healthy
situation and, as we are now seeing, perhaps not sustainable.

Ben Courtice:
>>It would indeed be sad if, after the ending of years at each other's throats,
the ISO foundered on the rocks of a DSP manoevre<<

As I see it, the ISO is in trouble because of unreal perspectives and the voluntarism
that flows from them. Socialist Alliance is just one example, and the DSP manoeuvre
is just part of that example. If the ISO founders, it will be from self-inflicted
wounds. Maybe this is a good place to add that I don't want them to founder.
I am not hostile to them and do not have a sense of grievance.

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