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*****  The Venezuela Solidarity Group
What We Stand For:
The Venezuela Solidarity Group is a network of North American
activists who support democracy and equitable development in
Venezuela through education and people to people solidarity. The VSG
works to oppose US intervention. We support Venezuela's Bolivarian
Revolution. To find out more information, please contact us at
venezuelasolidarity at REMEMBER, this is a moderated group
list. Anyone may subscribe, but only approved, Venezuela-Solidarity
related material will be allowed to post. Also, for virus protection,
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Members: 70
Founded: Oct 10, 2002
Language: English

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"What's Up in Venezuela? -- Some Basic Facts" (a two-page pamphlet
produced by the Venezuelan Solidarity Group):

* Calendar of Events in Columbus:
* Anti-War Activist Resources: <>
* Student International Forum: <>
* Committee for Justice in Palestine: <>

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