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Tue Dec 17 21:09:25 MST 2002

Woops, I accidentally hit "send" before I'd finished. Here's the full reply

Alan Bradley:

>>More importantly, we can't strengthen the socialist movement while we are
fragmented into a lot of tiny little grouplets.<<

Well actually the last time time the left made major advances -- the late sixties
-- it was highly fragmented. A badly conceived attempt at left unity (on a tiny
scale) just means conflict WITHIN the united structure, as we are seeing now.

>>[Our support] may _possibly_ increase if we can
unite. That is the calculation we have to make.<<

But we TRIED it, and it DIDN'T. Why is this simple fact so hard to accept?

>>How can we help the SA develop real roots? ... Simply abandoning it won't

This is a circular argument. It precludes the possibility that it's IMPOSSIBLE
for an artificial construct to sink roots. If so, we MUST abandon it and do
something more useful with our scarce resources.

>>Nor can we just walk away and wait for something "real" to
spontaneously emerge, if only because what "spontaneously" emerges will treat
us like stupid sectarians<<

Something real has emerged: the Greens. And the voters quite sensibly vote for
them and treat us as stupid sectarians.

>>The existing left groups _must_ be at the forefront of trying to move working
class organisation forward.<<

We can't, we're too small. Why is this so hard to grasp? We should concentrate
our efforts where we can actually have an impact.

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