Soc Alliance: reply to Peter Boyle

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Wed Dec 18 06:28:29 MST 2002

It is a lot less "artificial" than the panoply of Leninist groups running
around out there. Your reaction is simply a rejection of conscious political
organizing, a reprise of the arguments of the economists leading up to the
second congress of the RSDLP.

In a way what the left faces in most advanced capitalists countries is a
situation similar to that faced by the Russian movement 100 years ago. A
splintering into myriad groups, disorganization, lack of political coherence
and centralization. Except then it was the result of the local groups having
sprung up largely disconnected from each other. Now it is the result of each
ideological current insisting that the workers movement shape itself to its
own schemas.


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