LOTR trashing

cuito61 at onebox.com cuito61 at onebox.com
Wed Dec 18 08:21:01 MST 2002

not sure if this was mentioned already, but speaking of LOTR:

"I think that it might be worth asking the thousands and thousands of people who have been killed in Afghanistan--innocent people--without us catching Osama bin Laden or anybody. And [we should] ask the people who have been killed and maimed and whose lives have been ruined, whose families have been destroyed [during] 11 years of continual bombing in Iraq because of a southern no-fly zone that nobody recognizes, really, except England and the United States. It's an illegal action."

anti-war groups should start getting this guy and other "celebrity" types to speak at rallies, etc.  Might get more unpoliticized kids and "manstream" people in general at least thinking about the issue a little differently...  might have an impact to round up a bunch of these anti-war celebrities and have them take a civil disobedience bust at some prominent location...

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