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BBC Wednesday, 18 December, 2002, 13:44 GMT

Tens of thousands of you voted in our poll to find the Newsmaker who had
made the greatest impact in the last year.
Film-maker and author Michael Moore has emerged the winner of our poll of
Newsmakers, heading off competition from figures as diverse as Mike Tyson,
Henry Kissinger, Charlotte Church and Bill Clinton.

He first rose to prominence with his documentary Roger and Me

TV shows TV Nation and The Awful Truth followed

His book Stupid White Men has been a bestseller

Movie Bowling for Columbine is currently showing

Newsmaker is BBC News Online's weekend profile of someone who has had an
impact on the previous week's news. It aims to give an original and
thoughtful portrait of a figure in the public eye.

Over the past week, tens of thousands of you have voted in our poll, first
whittling the 45 candidates down to four finalists, and then choosing
between the four. Exact results are below.

In response to the vote, Moore, who has made criticism of the political
establishment an art form, gave a typically combative statement.

He said: "Well, thank you - but I want to come clean and admit that I, too,
had a private conversation with Diana's butler, and I told him to 'just burn
all that junk'. Had he taken my advice, the country could have focused its
attention much earlier on what kind of fruit tea Mrs Blair drinks.

"By the way, isn't it redundant to refer to a real estate advisor as a
'conman'? Anyway, thanks to all of you who have engaged yourselves in my
work and I promise to see that Mr Bush is a one-term 'president' - as long
as you promise to pry your prime minister's lips off of W's idiot arse."

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