Soc Alliance: reply to Jose

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Wed Dec 18 15:22:52 MST 2002

>>Your reaction is simply a rejection of conscious political
organizing, a reprise of the arguments of the economists leading up to the second
congress of the RSDLP.<<

Classic Spartspeak. I love it.

>>In a way what the left faces in most advanced capitalists countries is a situation
similar to that faced by the Russian movement 100 years ago.<<

Wow, and only yesterday I was being told it was like "the 1930s in slow motion".

>>[Soc Alliance] is a lot less "artificial" than the panoply of Leninist groups
running around out there.<<

No, it's much the same thing -- with an additional layer added, so that everyone
has twice as many meetings.

>>each ideological current insisting that the workers movement shape itself
to its own schemas.<<

Ah, now you're on to something. This is PRECISELY what's wrong with Socialist

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