US ISO on the antiwar movement

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Dec 19 11:09:26 MST 2002

This is an interesting take on the emerging antiwar movement from the
ISO in the USA, a group that was affiliated with the Cliffite
international until they were unceremoniously booted a couple of years
ago for questioning the finances of the mother ship. The excuse given
for their expulsion is that they didn't understand the importance of
Seattle or some such rot.

The ISO has the same small-proprietor propensity for building coalitions
that they can control as their rivals in the WWP, but that doesn't
prevent them from making useful observations, including about those
grouped around Leslie Cagan and Medea Benjamin who tend to bend toward
US social patriotism if the article is accurate, which--sadly--I think
it is.


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