Ivory Coast: what's going on?

Ben Courtice benj at CONNEXUS.NET.AU
Thu Dec 19 15:33:03 MST 2002

I'm going away for the weekend (seeing family for the Beltane/Christmas
thing) but when I'm back I'd really like to know what's happening in the
Ivory Coast. Does anyone on this list follow West African developments?
Of course I could just plug a few queries into Google, but it would be
nice to get a Marxist perspective...

The news here (SBS World News) says that the civil war is essentially an
army uprising that has taken control of the northern, Muslim, part of
the country. It also says that Ivory Coast is the world's largest cocoa
producer. That's about it. Don't you love mainstream news reporting:
They say everything and explain nothing.

Ben Courtice

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