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Thu Dec 19 19:31:50 MST 2002

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> The email was by Dave Murray. I was merely a conduit. However, when one
Marxist group takes another to court I think it is a matter
for the workers
movement as a whole to consider.>

The DSP did not take any other Marxist group to court. Mick
Heany (a member of the Greens, and a former DSP member)
alleged that Steve Jolly assaulted him just outside a court.
A DSP member was a witness to the alleged assault. The DSP
national leadership declined to instruct this member to
commit perjury or decline to be a witness at the trial.

There is nothing wrong with this. If there are any assaults
on any of our members, we will fully support their right to
any legal redress in addition to taking any appropriate
political action.

It is really quite sad to see the Socialist Party stoop to
campaigns of slander around Lucy May's murder and
subsequently Heany's assault charge against Jolly and try
and make some political case about bullshit principles. It
is a new sectarian low in the practice of this desperate
little group.

Peter Boyle

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