A couple of replies to Peter Boyle

Nigel Irritable nigel_irritable at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 19 20:36:17 MST 2002

1) The document from the "movements for socialism
website" about the English Socialist Alliance comes
from the most recent national conference of
"independent" members of the Socialist Alliance.

There were 39 people at the conference, although less
than that are "independent" in any meaningful sense.
The document (or something based on it) gathered
support from a small majority of those who voted on it
(I don't know how many of the 39 took part in the

So the simple answer to your question is that perhaps
one or two dozen people support the document, though
even those people aren't organised around it. There
would probably be a few other independent members of
the SA which would have sympathy with it but who
weren't at the conference.

The basic point is that the English Socialist Alliance
just doesn't exist as an organisation capable of
having a sizeable movement within it on any issue. It
meets irregularly where it meets at all. It carries
out few activities of any kind. The SWP are only
interested in it when there is an election coming up,
but given that they control it absolutely that means
that the SA doesn't do anything much in between those
bursts. It is more a name than an organisation.

2) On the issues of Lucy May's murder and the row
between the Socialist Party and the DSP over the trial
of Steve Jolly for allegedly assaulting a former
member of the DSP, I think that you are rather missing
the point in your "sadness".

The really sad issue is that a young woman was
savagely murdered. Everything else is rather secondary
in that context.

As far as other sad things go, I find it sad (in fact
it makes me nauseous) that DSP members would attend
the trial of her killer in solidarity with him, even
after his guilt was quite clear and even after his
history of wife-beating emerged.

It makes me sad that present and former DSP members
would start a row with the murdered comrade's family
and friends.

It also makes me particularly sad that the DSP thinks
it appropriate for its members to help the state try a
socialist activist for allegedly hitting an ex-member
of theirs during that row.

It even makes me sad that the reaction of DSP leaders
like Peter Boyle to all this is to throw insults at
the Socialist Party.

But then maybe I'm just an emotional kind of lad.

Now I recommend that all of us (Dave and Andy and I as
well as Peter and Ben) move away from this issue
before people really start to lose their tempers.

Is mise le meas
Brian Cahill

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