DSP & SP dirty laundry

Peter Boyle peterb at dsp.org.au
Thu Dec 19 22:00:02 MST 2002

José Perez wrote:

>>Asking the DSP person to change it exposes that DSP'er to charges of perjury and to those that asked him --the members of the SP and DSP leading committees-- to charges of subornation of perjury, assuming Australian law is not too different on this point from the
American. In the United States it could also mean charges
brought against
the groups as such under RICO (Racketeering Influenced and
Organizations Act). I don't know if you have an Australian
equivalent to
this latter law.<<

If the DSP had instructed its member who was a witness to
commit perjury or to refuse to give witness then we could be
accused of subverting the course of justice under local
laws. Further, we warned others who may have been construed
as trying to put pressure on a witness in the assault case
that they too could be committing an offence.

So it is true that the attempt by the SP to gain some
sectarian advantage by circulating the following slanderous
statement (which prompted the John Percy's letter to the SP)
was provocative in more ways than one.

1. It was crude political slander based on exploiting the
horrible murder of Lucy May to attack the DSP (which as even
the SP conceded was not to be blamed).

2. It exposed the DSP, the SP and several left unions (whose
leaders were approached to sign the statement -- and wisely
they did not, from what I know).

Brian Cahill's last post which repeats the slander (which a
CWI member put on this list) and then threatens us stop
talking about it "before people really start to lose their
tempers" is typical of how this slander has been spread by
certain SP members in Melbourne. The question is who has
"lost their temper", when and in what circumstances.

Peter Boyle
peterb at dsp.org.au

Statement by the Socialist Party
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 12:52:40 +1000
From: sp <sp at mira.net>

A call for the basic tradition of solidarity

In the current climate of post-Woomera 2002, a Royal
Commission into the
building industry, the Skilled Six charges and  attempts to
reactionary so-called 'anti-terrorism' laws, it should go
without saying
that labour movement and community activists have enough
enemies in the
capitalist camp attempting to use the forces of the state
against us
without voluntarily involving them in our own minor
disputes. Scandalously,
it seems this is not the case.
A heated argument between two male DSP members/supporters
and a high
profile Socialist Party member took place during the
emotionally charged
trial of a DSP member for murdering a well known female
Melbourne activist
and Socialist Party supporter. The argument, which was
sparked by
insensitive and provocative remarks regarding the trial, was
reported to police and an assault charge laid. That the
bosses' courts and
police were invited to become involved in such a minor
matter between
members of the Left at any time, let alone in the current
climate, is
simply shameful.
We therefore feel it is sadly necessary to call upon all
trade unions, left
parties/organisations to reiterate their adherance to the
basic tradition
of solidarity within the labour and trade union movement
whereby activists
deal with such matters internally, without resorting to
police, Royal
Commissions and the like.
We must ensure that those who would do otherwise are given
no harbour
within our ranks.

Statement by the Socialist Party

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