SP slander covers deep sectarianism

Peter Boyle peterb at dsp.org.au
Thu Dec 19 23:02:11 MST 2002

Xxxx Xxxxxx wrote:

<<I can't comment on what the DSP can or can't do regarding
its member who is
acting as a crown  witness. I do think it's rather
unfortunate that DSP
members would show up in "solidarity" with an accused murder
after strong evidence emerged that he was also a wife-beater
but express no
solidarity with the victim. I also think it's shameful that
DSP members
(including, presumably, the member acting as witness) would
stand by and
watch while the accused's supporters harass the family of
the victim.<<

Here you just repeat once again the slanders spread by the

1. There was no "show of solidarity with an accused murder"
-- certain individuals (including one DSP member, I think)
were called as character witnesses by the accused, a former
DSP member and union delegate at an oil refinery, who had
maintained he was innocent.

2. Describing the unprovoked assault on Mick Heany outside
the court that led to a second court case as "the accused's
supporters harass the family of the victim" is a total
fabrication, from the information I have.

<<While the DSP may not be in a legal position to do
anything to stop its
member from acting as crown witness perhaps they could at
least, given the
circumstances and the DSP's stated position on women's
rights and against
the abuse of women, issue some sort of statement of
condolence to May's
family and friends and express its solidarity with Steve
Jolly against the
accused's cretinous supporters. Perhaps the DSP could make a
donation to
Jolly's defence fund?<<

Given the active incitement around the case that certain SP
members were carrying out around town, it was probably
prudent that the DSP members who did know Lucy May did not
turn up to the funeral.

And after the SP's slander campaign why would the DSP would
give one cent to Jolly's defence fund? I had one direct
experience of Jolly's attempt to somehow turn the Lucy May
murder case into a campaign against the DSP, and it was both
scurrilous and pathetic. One had to be prejudiced and in a
totally sectarian framework to buy it.

The real question is why is the CWI trying to make some
dubious political gain from this kind of slander? There is
plenty they could say about politics, why they won't join
the Socialist Alliance, etc. But even on the latter
question, all we have heard from SP member Dave Murray is
the strange argument that somehow the SP knows how to do
election work better. Well good, if that is the case why not
put their talents towards building a united left electoral
intervention in Australia? If you fall for the SP slander,
the answer is obvious: they cannot be in an alliance with
the DSP which the SP alleged supports wife-beating and
murder. But you have to buy the SP slander first.

Peter Boyle
peterb at dsp.org.au

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